A taste storySince half a century

Our half a century old taste story starts with Güneş Süt, a yogurt production company founded by Aziz Üzeyir Güneş in 1964. Dairy production which became a family tradition in a brief time starts respectively with ayran, kaskaval, white cheese, and butter, and extends to one of the world’s most favourite cheeses: mozzarella.
Over the course of second generation undertaking the management in 1995, the journey moves on with the brand name Güneşoğlu. As a necessity of respecting our producer tradition which takes its roots deeply in Anatolia, our land’s choicest regional cheeses are brought together with our customers under the assurance of Güneşoğlu quality. This laborious story which starts with passion finds its well-deserved prize on the palates.

As Güneşoğlu, our primary concern is setting the sustainability of our quality as fundamental. Whether with the milk ratios in our products or with our naturality and no-additive principles, our perpetual aim is carrying on with our values – which are what make us praiseworthy in the eyes of our customers – while bringing quality of Güneşoğlu together with the whole of Turkey.

We are here for
Healthy generations)

We believe that everyone deserves healthy nutrition. To provide city life which yearns for true naturality with the long-awaited naturality of a village, we are producing milk and dairy products without additives but with our 55-year long experience.

Healthy tastes for generations ahead!