Curd Cheese

A taste of milk, enriched by Güneşoğlu, for you to particularly use in your pasties, hot buns, and desserts, as well as to beautify your breakfasts only with a pinch of spice mixed with it…

Curd cheese is a dairy product that is obtained by clotting through boiling buttermilk and whey which is a product of milk processing. Whey is heated in cauldrons to produce clots. Then the produced clots are taken to filter cloths and the whey is removed. After filtrating the cheese for a day, salt is added to it and it is packaged. Curd cheese is a soft cheese which is generally consumed unripened. Being low in fat, it is also preferred as a diet cheese.

Nutritive Value
Non-fat Curd Lor Cheese
Average Energy and Nutrients
(Average Energy and Nutrients per 100 g)
Energy (kj/kcal) 368/87
Fat (g) 1
-Fat, saturated (g) 0,6
Carbohydrate (g) 4,5
-Sugars (g) 4,5
Protein (g) 15
Salt (g) 1,5
Fat Curd Lor Cheese 6.000 g
Fat Curd Lor Cheese 9.000 g
Fat Curd Lor Cheese 17.000 g

Healthy tastes for generations ahead!