Irreplaceable traditional flavour of every dish…

Güneşoğlu butter bestows magnificent tastes upon your kitchens with premium quality, healthiness and reliability…

Consuming butter enhances the absorption of nutrients, diminishes the intestinal discomfort due to absorbed matters, and heals the wounds by reducing inflammation.

Güneşoğlu butter is a dairy product that is obtained by pasteurizing milk fat (cream) – its main content – before it is ripened and churned.

Nutritive Value
Nutritive Value
(Average Energy and Nutrients per 100 g)
Energy(kj/kcal) 741/3100
Fat (g) 82
-Fat, saturated (g) 82
Carbonhydrate (g) 0,3
-Sugars (g) 0,3
Protein (g) 0,5
Salt (g) 0,1
Sodium(Na)(mg) 24
Güneşoğlu Geleneksel Tereyağı 2.500g
Güneşoğlu Geleneksel Tereyağı 5.000g
Güneşoğlu Geleneksel Tereyağı 10.000g



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