Kashkaval Cheese

The trademark of Güneşoğlu.

In our half a century old taste journey, kashkaval cheese always had a special place. Its high milk ratio and the mastery of Güneşoğlu makes it unique, differentiating it from the rest.

Kashkaval cheese contains crucial nutrients for balanced nourishment, especially as a good source of calcium. It constitutes a healthy option for every meal of the day. You can enjoy this trademark taste of Güneşoğlu in your breakfasts, as well as in your take-away sandwiches or on your pastas, pizzas, and salads by grating!

Nutritive Value

Nutritive Value
Full-Fat Fresh Kashkaval Cheese

(Average Energy and Nutrients per 100 g)

Energy(kj/kcal) 1453/350
 Fat (g) 28
-Fat, saturated (g) 18
Carbonhydrate (g) 0,5
-Sugars (g) 0,5
Protein (g) 24
Salt (g) 1,6
Full-Fat Fresh Kashkaval Cheese 2.000 g
Semi-Fat Fresh Processed Toast Cheese 2.000 g
Cheddar Toast Cheese 2.000 g
Grated Cheese 1.500 g


Healthy tastes for generations ahead!